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The Dalton Lecture May 16, 2012

Posted by Marie in Manchester Lit & Phil, Martin Rees, Ouroboros, West Didsbury Astronomical Society.
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Life in the Cosmos: From Big Bang to Biosphere, given by Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal

I was delighted to discover that Lord Rees was giving this lecture for the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, and so I attended with friends from West Didsbury Astronomical Society.  Actually, we had to cancel our own event, scheduled for the same evening, so that we could attend!

Lord Rees zipped us painlessly through key points in the history of astronomy, shared his views on manned space flight, the possibilities of alien life, and our responsibility to our planet.

Kevin and Diane from West Didsbury Astronomical Society shared their thoughts shortly after coming out of the lecture.

The picture Kevin mentioned is explained by Martin Rees in the video at the top of this post: it’s called an Ouroboros


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