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Close to the Sun, but still cold? January 3, 2011

Posted by Marie in 365 Days of Astronomy, Meteorwatch, Sun.
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I have discovered that at 7pm today (January 3rd), the Earth will be the nearest to the sun that it gets all year.

So why is it so cold??!!

I won’t even begin to explain in any detail, because I’m not capable, but thanks to the links below, I can understand that it is because up here in the frozen north, we are tilted away from the sun and being as close as we are going to be¬†for the year doesn’t warm us up any ūüė¶

This first link helped me understand a little, and suggests an experiment with a left-over Christmas satsuma to provide a visual aid to explain.

365 Days of Astronomy РWhy winter is so cold

This one has a good image which helped me, too.


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