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Beautiful Saturn June 2, 2011

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Loving this montage of images from Chris Abbas, using Cassini images of Saturn.  (Watch full screen for maximum effect.)

So beautiful.


All the single planets … May 5, 2011

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Just couldn’t resist this which I came across through Twitter last week.  Among a collection of actual answers given to real examination questions, this one made me laugh.

(I don’t intend to infringe any copyright, but I can’t trace where it came from!)

Cassini approaches Saturn March 15, 2011

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Every day, NASA shares a different image of the universe in what it calls Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD).  And every now and again, the picture is actually a video.

Today’s is particularly spectacular.  As the Cassini spacecraft approached Saturn, it took thousands of images along the way.  Recently, some of these images have been digitally tweaked, cropped, and compiled into this video.

Credit & Copyright:

Cassini Imaging TeamISSJPLESANASAS. Van Vuuren et al.

For more details, visit the APOD page for today.

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