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#astrofood October 27, 2011

Posted by Marie in astrofood, silliness.
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Fried Egg Nebula - Credit: ESO/E. Lagadec

A response to a tweet about lunch spawned an afternoon of cringeworthy messaging today.

The subject – #astrofood!

Of course, the obvious Mars, Galaxy, and Milky Way made an appearance (as did a schoolboy mention of the aftermath of eating, which made reference to the 7th planet from the sun – you know who you are :-p).  But tweeps were a lot more imaginative, so I thought I would share some of them here for fun.

In alphabetical order:

Big Bang-ers          Black ‘toad-in-the’ Hole          Brian Cox’s Orange Pippins

Chocolate Mintaka          Christmas Tree Cluster pudding          Crab Nebula Pate

Flying Saucers          French Orion Soup          Herschel chocolate

Ice cream sun-dae          Ju-pitta bread          Meat-eors

Ophiuchus-tard creams          Sausage and mashtroid          Space Dust

Stargazy pie          Sun spotted dick

And my top 5, in no particular order are:

  • Martianmallows
  • Alfalfa centauri salad
  • Ensaladas (think about it!)
  • Eton Messier objects
  • Hubble and Squeak

If you have any more, let me know!

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